America - Spirit of 76

The 17th Amendment Does Not Apply To States That Did Not Ratify
It, Because They Did Not "Consent" To It As Mandated By Article V!
State Sovereignty: The 17th Amendment Ratification & Consent

Law School Trivia - Select the law school drop out!

DownSize DC Legislative Action promoting Read The Bills Act!

Ron Paul News - The Doctor & Statesman from Texas!

If The Intent Of The Law, Is The Law, What Is Taxable Income?

Latest News From We The People! - Redress of Grievance Petition.

Electronic Frontier Foundation(EFF) - fighting illegal government
search & seizure, wiretapping, violations of the Bill Of Rights!

"The World's Smallest Political Quiz has gained respect as a valid
measure of a person's political leanings." - The Washington Post

Patriot Post - Publius Press, Inc.

Does America Suffer From Foreign Terrorism - Or Something Else?


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